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[3/18/2020] Server Changelog - DJ__ - 03-18-2020

I feel like a broken record but sorry again for the slow updates, I've been super busy with real life stuff lately. This update is mainly focused on a complete Economy rehaul, enjoy!

Insanely major shout out to @Slime856, he alone revamped most of our shop, I just helped and changed a few things.

  • Upped the chance of getting sell wand from 2.5% -> 5%
  • Added a 1000 use and 2500 use sell wand to the vote crate Smile
  • Changed the max level for Taming from infinite to 1,000 (Others may follow soon)
  • Fixed incorrect chances being shown on some items in the vote crate
  • Fixed the bug allowing some people to vote multiple times on the same website
  • Completely revamped the /shop. Removed some items, set most item quantities to 1 to make it cleaner, and changed the prices of a LOT of items.. mainly mob drops and farming.
  • Changed our sell wand plugin, the old one caused TPS drops when used quickly
  • Fixed the bug that disabled TempFly when you left your town borders (Only if you are below Knight rank... may fix this in the future but not a priority atm)
  • Removed the ability to setHealth on disguises, it was being abused too much
  • Fixed our [item] plugin that links items in chat
  • Fixed /party
  • Upped the max bonus town blocks you are able to buy from 100 -> 250 (We are working on a fix for the price being insane after a while. We are hoping to add a cap.)
  • Upped the price for creating a nation from $1,000 to $100,000
  • Upped the price for claiming a chunk from $25 -> $100
  • Fixed PlayerWarps being wiped every reboot
  • Added a message on player death that shows you the coordinates of where you died
  • Updated our server jar
  • Updated too many plugins to even count
  • Disabled the pummel sub-skill from McMMO's Taming skill
  • Added the ability to lock people from physically entering your town using /t lock & /t unlock
  • Fixed it so when you /t lock your town it will also set it to private automatically. Unlocking it does not set it to public
  • Added a global announcement when a rank is purchased thanking the user on the server
  • Removed the armor/tools shop
  • Removed the ability to buy diamonds/iron from the shop
  • Changed Book & Quill to Book in the Misc. shop
  • Changed Bell to Firework Rocket in the Misc. shop
  • Went through every shop and rounded every buy/sell price to the nearest 5 to normalize balances a bit

The main goal of this economy overhaul is to move away from our mainly automatic/afk economy and more towards a manual economy with automatic/afk money making on the side. I very much so encourage all of you to get a Harvester Hoe from the vote crate and get to earning some cash! Smile Soon I'll be adding a custom plugin to award players even more for manual money making by granting tokens for things like Farming/Mining which will be used for rank upgrades and other things like it. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!