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[2/26/2020] Server Changelog - DJ__ - 02-26-2020

  • Pretty small list of changes today but I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Smile
  • Fixed a bug allowing users to vote multiple times on the same website
  • Fixed a bug with Harvest Hoes making them harvest multiple crops at once
  • Fixed a bug making stacked spawners not count towards /t lvl - (Still a little buggy with unloaded chunks/worlds)
  • Fixed a bug making sell wands lag the server
  • Fixed a bug allowing users to stack items that should not be stacked
  • Fixed a bug where arrows were in the shop in 2 different spots with 2 different prices
  • Added /kits for all ranks
  • Added /t show - Adds a visual representation of your claimed chunks
  • Added Nautilus Shells to the Misc. shop
  • Added the ability to check online players in discord by typing /online in the game-chat channel
  • Added a message when you place an unstacked spawner which tells you how to stack them for new users